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Rokoko, Baroque, or anything that is ornamental-looking is my favorite thing in the world. I have always been fascinated with historical objects and what secrets they may hide. The point of this project was to gain confidence with texturing and lighting. Throughout the texturing process, it became apparent to me that gold and neutral colors might just make the most beautiful of combinations. When it came to lighting, however, I was unsure exactly what I wanted to have as my main focus. In the end, I decided I wanted my audience to simply enjoy the room as I meant for it to be from the very beginning; A room full of memories.

- Created with Autodesk Maya, Substance Painter, Photoshop, Marvelous Designer, Nuke & V-Ray



It's time to talk about grooming! When taking the Maya Modules course at Gnomon, one of the very first tasks given by the professor was to think of what kind of project we wanted to have completed by the end of the term. We were given the option to either do something with animal/creature fur or human hair. 

After long consideration, an idea popped into my head! Being a lover of anything regal or elegant, I decided to make a deer for the class. The process was more challenging than I thought it would be. Although it was difficult, making sure that all the hair strands worked perfectly together and the deer looked believable was an extremely satisfying way to end the term.

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